Posture Makes All the Difference

When you had good posture, you were pain-free.

Eliminate: Chronic Back Pain – Shoulder Pain – Neck Pain – Sciatica

Poor posture doesn’t get the attention it deserves. According to the Wellness Institute of America, the most common causes of lower back pain are:

  • Irritated large nerves in the lower back that extent to the arms and legs
  • Irritated small nerves in the spine
  • Strained lower back muscles (erector spinae)
  • Damaged ligaments, joints or bones
  • Damaged intervertebral disc

What is not explained is how these nerves and ligaments are irritated, strained or damaged — why we’re in pain. One of the most common reasons is our bad habits – the way we sit, stand walk – our posture. And posture is always with us.

If you are always slumping, you are compressing, even contorting your spine. You may be rocking back on your pelvis (towards your tailbone) when you sit, making sitting up difficult, almost impossible.

When you stop tightening and collapsing throughout your body, you regain the good posture you had when you were young, and pain goes away. Fortunately, the solution is within you. Imagine feeling ease all along your back, neck and shoulders, no matter what you are doing — working at the computer, running, lifting weights, carrying a baby.


And imagine that at the end of the day, you felt… great!