“I have been Evelyn’s student for over seven years. During this time, she has helped me learn to use myself freely and gracefully. As a result, I have been able to avoid pain and injury which are common in my profession (I’m an Automotive Technician). Evelyn is thoughtful, expressive, and humorous. I greatly enjoy our lessons as well as the resulting benefits. I highly recommend Alexander lessons with Evelyn to anyone who is looking to go through their day with ease, poise, and freedom from pain.”
~ Howard H., Automotive Technician

“Evelyn is a fantastic teacher. Kind, patient and very knowledgeable! In just a half dozen sessions with her, I could already see an improvement in my posture through a simple awareness of bad habits I’d developed over a lifetime.”
~ Nick S., Math/English Teacher at Acalanes Union High School

“Evelyn is a gifted, warm, talented, and intelligent Alexander Technique practitioner whom I had the privilege to see at a time when I was recovering from sciatica and needed help learning how to carry and move my body in a new way to prevent further injury. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and supporter! Evelyn was able to help me identify patterns to how I walked and sat and moved that radically changed the way I inhabited my body. Even several years later I still sometimes hear her voice when I’m moving, reminding me to use different strategies that help me move with more lightness and ease. She is certainly gifted with her hands – and she’s also just a delightful person who is engaged with the world. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning how to move with more consciousness and natural ease. She’s a gem!”
~ Elayne C., Organizational Consultant, Career Counselor, Executive Coach

“Working with Evelyn gave me the tools to improve my overall appearance, reduce tension and become more relaxed. In addition, this experience provided me with greater confidence in how I carry myself that I use every day. I would strongly recommend Evelyn for anyone that is experiencing back pain or for people experiencing significant tension impacting their performance.”
~ Harold F.

“The results that I got from working with Evelyn and my ongoing practice have been profoundly life changing. She is a kind, tough, gentle, ethical person and a highly skilled teacher. I am in the last decades of my life and found myself not feeling well, battling several ongoing illnesses, one very serious. Three years ago I started taking lessons. Today I have energy, grace under fire both physically and mentally and the ability to rest profoundly. My doctors are amazed and so am I.”
~ Peter P.

“I have had sciatica for years and already after a few sessions I can start to feel less pressure in my back. I was amazed at how big of an impact Evelyn’s gentile instruction and guidance had on my back. I now have an invaluable set of tools to help me retrain how I move in a better way.”
~ Pilar S.