How to Stop Worrying and Learn the Alexander Technique

“Allow my neck to be free, so that my head can go forward and up, my back can lengthen and widen, and my knees go forward and away.”   There are two common pitfalls when learning the Alexander Technique (AT). Trying to do it. Checking to see if you’ve changed (if you’ve done it). We teachers address the first pitfall by using passive language : “ALLOW your neck to be free.” We don’t tell you to “free your neck, move your head away from your body;” how could you resist tightening your neck if you heard that? We teachers also …

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How to have the graceful posture of James Bond

“Your head is on a swivel. Use it.” Legendary racehorse trainer Charlie Whittingham, to jockey who lost a race because he didn’t turn his head to see the winner overtaking him. What do you notice about yourself as you read this post? When looking below eye level, most of us collapse down and hold our head out in front of us, instead of remaining upright as we balance our head at the top of our neck. Believe it or not, there is no good reason to collapse. Collapsing down makes more work for us, especially looking side to side, or …

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